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AC/DC tickets are available for the group that has been around since Ozzy, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest. Nominated for Classic Rock magazine’s “Best Band In The World” award, AC/DC is known for their power chords and nonconformity to the stadium rock of the 1970‘s. Their penchant for controversy, fueled by their double entendres and violent images, make them one of the most famous--or infamous--bands in the world. Get concert tickets to see what madness will take place onstage!
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AC/DC tickets -About AC/DC

AC/DC was created in Australia in 1973 by guitarist Malcolm Young. He decided to include his younger brother, Angus, and later his older brother, George. At the time of the band’s creation, Angus was 15. His sister suggested that he wear his school uniform onstage. Her request helped form the image that the band has today. In addition, the band is well known for its hell raiser image, which was brought about by Bon Scott. This former drummer turned lead singer had a few convictions on his record, which the band used in its favor when they promoted themselves. The band went on to release many albums, but their most popular album was 1979’s “Highway to Hell”. The late 1970’s and entire 1980‘s were a difficult time for the group; Bon Scott replaced Dave Evans and later died, and Phil Rudd left , to be replaced by Simon Wright. But in spite of their problems, they managed to keep producing hits. Their 1990’s album “The Razor’s Edge”, contained the hit “Thunderstruck”, and in February 2000 they came out with the album “Stiff Upper Lip.” They are still one of the best rock bands around. Don’t miss out on seeing this group on tour!

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Generations have enjoyed AC/DC’s music. Remember, you can only go if you have tickets, so be sure to get yours now! Don’t miss out on an amazing performance, live and in person!
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